Brenda Abdilla
hired Anne for office organization over 5 years ago and I am still using the system she set up for me–unbelievable. Not only did she help me with my computer and physical filing systems but helped me create a system customized for my one-person business. The best investment I have made was in hiring Anne. — Brenda Abdilla, Career Coach | Author | Leadership Coach for Professionals | EQ,Enneagram,Disc Expert


Michael Maske

I have worked with Anne McGurty in the realm of getting a handle on my organizational processes and systems. My disorganization was not only costing me hard dollars, it was also taking an emotional toll on having a work space that didn’t properly support me in all that I wanted to create. I had this feeling that I was working too hard, and not being effective in what I was doing.

Since starting with Anne, I have increased my organizational IQ, and it has indeed relieved LOTS of stress, while at the same time saving me money! What a great combination! If you’re thinking of working with Anne, I highly recommend her! — Michael Maske, Vice President of Marketing & Education at TransMotion Medical


Terry Kurtzer
Anne has been instrumental in organizing and helping me with my business scheduling and office management. 2 thumbs up! — Terry Kurtzer, Social Media Phoenix


Gia Heller

I work with entrepreneurs/business owners daily. I am typically unimpressed. Unimpressed with their lack of organization, drive, persistence and passion. Not Anne. She continues to impress me daily. Never giving up, even in the face of adversity. A real problem solver with a zest for LIFE and HELPING others. She is put together, organized, detailed and could be JUST the solution YOUR business needs. — Gia Heller, CEO – The Social Media Masters & The National Business Experts


Michelle Holcomb

Anne gave a presentation to our Rotary, which is where we met. I was impressed from the beginning so I purchased her book. Then I hired Anne for assistance organizing my existing business Fore Peaks Real Estate and strategizing for my newest venture. Anne accomplishes volumes of work in short period of time. She has the ability to find solutions for complex workplace problems. I recommend her highly!l — Michelle Holcomb, CEO at QuickFind Numbers


Tara Beth Dondas

What can you say about a Tigress? She has insight into how to take on the game, she evaluates the situation carefully, she develops her strategy for the situation and then she leaps upon the target and brings it down. — Tara Beth Dondas, President, Business Development, Executive Producer Media Broadcast

Lisa Jimenez

Anne is a professional and expert in organizational development and strategies. She inspires others with her knowledge and experience to become more productive and to seek out solutions to everyday obstacles in the workplace and home. Her dedicated approach towards her clients gives them that personal attention lost in today’s fast paced society. As both a friend and colleague I highly recommend Anne. —  Lisa Jimenez, Director of Human Resources at Allied Business Schools


Rob Ekern

Anne McGurty of Strategize and Organize has made a tremendous impact on our business. Her skill in client service and experience has created significant results inside our firm.Rob Ekern, President/CEO at C.R. Ekern & Company and author of ‘Consultative Brokerage®: A Value Strategy


I took part in a presentation Anne made at a training session I attended. Within several weeks, I began using some of the suggestions she made during her presentation that really helped me get more organized and work more productively! Rochelle Cassella, Director of Congregational Communications, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities


Wendy Zollner, C.P.M.

NAPM-Denver hosted Anne McGurty as our dinner speaker at the November 17, 2011 membership meeting. She received excellent reviews from the members in attendance. It was a pleasure working with Anne and she gave us a lot of creative tips to use in building and maintaining business relationships and the true value of those relationships. We really appreciated her taking the time to speak to our group and gladly recommend her to others. — Wendy Zollner, C.P.M., Senior Buyer / Production Planner at Circle Graphics


Sharla Allen

I have worked with Anne in the private sector, the public sector, and at home. Anne has a remarkable talent which makes initial organization, as well as continuity in knowing where things are, simple and logical. Anne’s coaching technique is very personable and caring. If I move to another job, I’m taking Anne with me!  — Sharla Allen, ORH Manager at Wyoming Department of Health


Paul Miller

I have known Anne through my association in a networking group. Anne’s passion for her business is very obvious when you engage her in conversation. As 2009 Denver BOMA ‘Building Owners and Managers Association” Allied Chair Person. I had Anne come in and discuss getting organized in a down economy. Her presentation and professionalism, helped educate the 30+ attendees. I highly recommend sitting with Anne for a consultation on how you can Strategize and Organize your business and your life. — Paul Miller, Volunteer St Baldrick’s Foundation,Vice President at Piper Electric Company Inc.


Leah Oman
Not being able to find things in my office was costing me a lot in time and energy. And it sent my frustration levels sky high!  Deciding to hire Anne turned out to be one of the best calls I’ve made for running my business. She is a highly competent and experienced professional. Her systems and suggestions have simplified and streamlined my administrative processes… — Leah Oman, Founder & CEO, The Smarter Image, Inc. and Image Management Consultant

Jeff Poe

Managing time and resources efficiently and effectively is critical to success. I found Anne skilled in identifying what aspects of time management and organizational management I needed help in and then being able to customize an approach to fit my needs (and then proceeded to do the same for my management team). It seems these days we are all pressed for time, thus I highly recommend you take a few minutes and learn where Anne can help you and your business  — Jeff Poe, CEO at Vision Care Specialists (former Executive Director of US Oncology, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers)


Barbara Hemphill

Anne is a business organizer extraordinaire’ and has the skill to think strategically, keep the big picture in mind, and create simple, efficient cost-effective solutions for her business clients. Any business owner would benefit from having a conversation with Anne about how she can help them be more productive, profitable, and peaceful.less — Barbara Hemphill, Founder, & CEO, Productive Environment Institute- Speaker, Consultant & Author


 Mark B. Candler, MBA, CLTC

Anne provided a phenomenal Return on Investment. In these economic times, there is nothing more important to professionals. She will streamline your business and enable you to focus more time in the areas that are the most profitable to you. I give Anne the highest grade!!!  Less paper, less hassle, more profitability. — Mark B. Candler, MBA, CLTC, Senior Partner at Freestone Private Wealth


Steve Burtis

Anne did a superb job of helping me realize our company’s shortcomings as it relates to organization and giving us effective suggestions to solve the problems. Money well spent!!  — Steve Burtis, Principal at ICE and Owner, ICE


Tim Loomis

Anne is an easy person to work with and thinks out of the box to create solutions that you can integrate into your life and current system. She is a fun person who gets the job done in a timely manner.  — Tim Loomis, Creative Business Consultants


Robin Neal

Anne spoke to our ABWA chapter(s) and provided lots of ideas for getting our lives, offices, and homes better organized. She was able to adjust her presentation to meet the interests of our group, too. — Robin Neal, Neal Resources Owner/Web Designer “Taking Geek to People Speak”; Operations Manager, American Safety Association of Colorado


Diane Jarbawi

An awesome organizer who has the knowledge and offers advise on saving valuable time and money. — Diane Jarbawi, Senior Administrative Assistant at Ryan


David Johnson

I have known Anne McGurty for many years since I first hired her to work for me at Encoda (Harris) as our Director of Procurement. She exhibited excellent skills in developing policy, procedures and selling these ideas to employees. I have continued to work with her and recommend her to clients in her consulting practice at Strategize and Organize. She enjoys working with people and carries substantial technical skills which enable her to be a trusted advisor. Most importantly, she knows how to use humor to reduce resistance to change in an organization which very few technical experts can do. I highly recommend Anne as a problem solver to any organization.  — David Johnson, former CFO, at Harris Corporation


Mike O'Neil

I hired Anne to get me organized and organized I became. She was so good at so many organizational things that we kept doing more and more together. I recommend her 100+%. — Mike O’Neil, Dynamic Speaker—Author—Trainer helping sales teams sell more with LinkedIn & Social Selling ♦ Forbes Top 50 Influencer


John Silvia

Anne was both a flexible and dynamic personality in the office. Working with our vendors she was persuasive to all our benefit and an asset to the business. I look forward to working with her again if our paths happen to cross. — John Silvia, Information Security Systems Specialist at Brocade


Dan Dudley

Anne is very smart, assertive and a skilled negotiator, traits that suited her well as a Director of Procurement. I have known Anne for many years now, and she has great organizational skills that she has use to start a business stand train other how to be effective with their time and resources. I would hire her again, or be pleased to work with her as a peer. — Dan Dudley, Director of eCommerce at K12SchoolSupplies.net

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