Office Organization

Does Your Office Need a Miracle?

dreamstime_69572officecubeAre you overwhelmed with getting a new system started? Anne’s one-on-one desk-side coaching is the fastest and most effective way for quick learners to get to a new level of a relaxed environment and personal productivity. We work one-on-one at your desk, gathering, processing, and organizing all of your “stuff” into a new system that we design, based on your needs. The process takes between 1/2 day to two full days, depending on your situation. We call our office organization service “The Miracle in a Day.”

Our Miracle in a Day program creates a system for you, and potentially your team, to be more organized by dealing with the paper first and then setting up an electronic work-space to work more efficiently and achieve better results by being more productive.

What will a Miracle in a Day do for you?
During our time together, you will:

  • learn how to find anything filed in five seconds or less
  • collect and process all of your “stuff” — every possible source of work for you, including papers, emails, voice mails, thoughts, ideas, and post-its
  • take control of your email and create a process for keeping your inbox empty
  • create a complete inventory of all your commitments, projects, “someday/maybes,” and delegated items
  • create a reminder system that works for you, letting you make the best moment-by-moment choices of how to spend your precious time
  • do a complete “mind dump,” capturing every idea, thought, and concern into your system
  • learn efficient ways of handling of mail, filing, email, and other repetitive tasks
  • learn a decision-making process for dealing with every possible item that comes into your life, giving it enough thought (but no more than necessary), then letting it go until the appropriate time
  • organize your loose papers into a simple, yet innovative, filing system, guaranteed to find files in five seconds or less

By the end of your “miracle,” you will:office organization phoenix home office Scottsdale professional organizer

  • know what to do with every new item that comes in office
  • be able to find anything filed in five seconds or less
  • create a plan for how to handle what we didn’t organize
  • have greater life/work balance
  • discover increased productivity, which will save time and money
  • find clarity about how to sort and tackle priorities
  • enjoy reduced paper and clutter in your work environment
  • discover reduced stress and increased job satisfaction

Anne will arrive with the standard necessary supplies, create a system for your files, and design a process for keeping your desk organized. We will teach you the systems and processes so you can maintain everything on your own. If you have an assistant, he/she is encouraged to participate in this process, too. At the end of the day, you will have a system where you will know what to do with every new piece of information, you (and anyone else in your office) can find anything we filed in five seconds or less, and you will have a “game plan” for any papers or files we didn’t get converted on that first day.

Rates/Your Investment


For two days including your document management system for your electronic files $2,497 (Best Deal!)


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