Google For Business



Ever left an important file at the office?  Would you make more sales if you had more time?  What’s your stress level when you can’t find a file or critical notes?

Join local entrepreneurs to learn about how Google tools and Google apps can improve your efficiency and boost your business. We meet weekly with a lesson on the basics of getting Google Drive working for you and your business and then we have a mini-lesson that is more advanced on business strategy.

Don’t get left behind.  Learn the tools that big business is using and paying big bucks for business consulting.  You will discover how to get more done, save time and money, and get more business.

WHERE:  Elevate Co-working, Paradise Valley Mall                                          WHEN:  Every Monday night at 5-6PM.

Founded on the social media phoenix logobelief that small and medium sized business should be able to compete with big business without having to spend a fortune.  Social media doesn’t have to be a money pit.   If you are spending too much, you need to attend this class and be part of this group.  This class teaches business owners and social media technicians how to create engaging social media posts and develop a system that attracts prospects and customers.  A members only group with live meetings and a Secret Facebook Group with instructional videos.   Email me at for a free invitation to your first class.


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